Essential Stove Maintenance Checklist

With the summer heatwave now a memory, it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming winter. You’re probably hankering to light up your solid fuel stove again after a few months of straight inactivity, so now is the perfect time to get on with some of that essential maintenance to make sure all is in […]

How to Clean a Woodburner

With the summer in full swing, you won’t have much use for your woodburner again until winter rolls around once more. But that doesn’t mean it should be neglected; now is the perfect time to show your woodburner some love by making sure it’s fully cleaned and maintained before you need it again. In this […]

Using Solid Fuel at Home

Solid fuel appliances are seeing a resurgence in the UK – from wood burners and open fires to multi-fuel stoves and more – homeowners across the country are discovering their love for solid fuel. In a modern household, there are a few roles solid fuel can play; from firewood and coal to the growing range […]

Solid Fuel FAQs

Owning a solid fuel burning appliance is exciting and satisfying, but it can also get a little bit complicated from time to time. Whether you’re getting bogged down in the different types of fuel available for your appliance, or you need some clarification to help you choose the best fuel for your home then you’ve […]

Fireplace Safety Tips

Nothing quite beats the feeling of sitting back in front of your roaring fireplace on a cold winter’s evening. Whether you own a wood burning stove, open hearth or multi fuel fire, you’ll never get tired of the warm, live flame display at the heart of your living room. But it’s easy to get swept […]

An Open Fire For Christmas

Christmas time is near. For many, Christmas means family, spending time with the ones you love and enjoying each other’s company in the safe and cosy environment of your home. Traditionally, the centerpiece of the home has always been the fireplace, but it becomes especially so at Christmas. If you have an open fireplace in […]

Solid Fuels Comparison

The choice between solid fuels is vast for anyone with a multi fuel stove, open fire or any solid fuel burning appliance. It’s not always clear what fuels should be used for which appliances, or the benefits of certain fuels over others. That’s why we’ve put together this article which takes a look at some […]

How Do Smoke Control Areas Impact Me?

Solid fuel stoves and fireplaces are gradually becoming more and more popular here in the UK. Many homeowners enjoy the traditional atmosphere that an open fire provides, but some may not be aware that there are rules regarding the burning of fuels in certain areas. To make sure you’re using your solid fuel fireplace efficiently, we’re […]

Solid Fuel Storage: How to Store Coal and Firewood at Home

In order to keep your woodburner or multi-fuel stove reliably fueled at all times, you’ll need somewhere to store all that coal or firewood. Solid fuel fireplaces add a huge amount of character to any home, but where do you store all that fuel? And how do you keep it in good condition? In this […]


The team at Coal Merchants UK are pleased to welcome you to our new blog space! We believe that strong communication with our customers is a big part of providing a great service. Therefore, we have decided to expand on our communications to include a blog which will provide useful information, industry insights, advice, and […]